Spurs Lost Rockets Out Of Top 8


The Rockets took home against the Spurs in a back-to-back game. They eventually defeated their opponents with 109-93 and gave the Spurs a three-game losing streak while winning the game. The Spurs lost 37 games and lost 30 games, equaling the Jazz and Nuggets. Due to the fact that they didn't have a good record, they fell to the 10th in the West. Harden returned from the game and only scored 28 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists in three games.After the campaign, Gay hit a jumper for the Spurs to open the record, the Rockets then made a wave of 11-0 offensive, Harden outside foul made three free throws, the Rockets 11-2 lead. Kyle Andersen hit a jumper, but the Spurs then re-offensive power, 0-of-8 shots, after the inside shot in the pitch, the Rockets rewritten the score to 19-4. In the following period, the Rockets' offensive efficiency decreased, and the Spurs found offensive sensation. Afterwards, they made 7 of 7 shots. Parker and Bertels even went on a joint game. After Bertels hit a three-pointer, the first quarter went on a run. The Spurs Only 21-25 behind.


In the second quarter, the Rockets made a renewed effort. Under Paul's guidance, they played a 15-5 offensive in less than five minutes. After Paul hit a throw, the Rockets led 40-26. After that, the two sides formed confrontation. After Bertels hit a three-pointer, the Spurs chased the score 35-44. Hardenli suddenly took 7 points to help the Rockets expand their lead to 16 points. However, the Spurs relied on a wave of 8-3 in the final moments. Forbes scored four points and Parker made a layup. Halftime, the Spurs chased the score 43-54. Harden, Paul and Capella scored and assisted teammates scored 50 points out of the team's 54 points.

In the second half, Yibian again fought and the two sides still came and went. After Danny Green's three-point match, Ariza used the same method to color. After Murray scored two goals in the middle of this section, the Spurs trailed 53-66. Harden then began to open personal mode, he scored 8 points in a minute and a half to lead the team to play a wave of 20-7 offensive, after Baromot hit the basket, the Rockets rewritten the score 86-60. The Spurs replied 7-2 at the end of this section. The third quarter ended with the Rockets leading 88-67. Harden scored 16 points on a single shot.

In the last quarter, the Rockets still firmly maintained a huge lead. In the middle section of this section, Gerrard Green scored three points and Paul also scored two goals. The Rockets led 99-76. The Spurs requested a timeout. After returning, the Spurs sent a replacement lineup. The game was declared to be in junk time, and the Rockets easily beat the Spurs 109-93.