Rocket revenge thunder ho take 16 straight


Rockets away to 122-112 win over the Thunder, at the same time the Rockets win ho win 16 consecutive games, tied for the Celtics kept the season's longest winning streak record. Harden contributed 23 points, 5 rebounds and 11 assists, Paul 25 points and 5 assists.Bulb, Barmott 11 points, Gordon 14 points and 5 rebounds, Ariza 15 points, Tucker 11 points, Capela 10 points. Thunder Westbrook 32 points and seven assists, Anthony 23 points, George 17 points, Adams 16 points and 8 rebounds, Brewer 10 points. After the opening rocket was passive, Wesbrook turned jumper, George hit third outside, the Thunder to 12-8 lead. Then Harden mistakes, Anthony made two free throws, followed by another one-third, the home team will expand to 9 points advantage. However, Harden then labeled 2 + 1, followed by another surprise layup, the first section left 2 minutes and 46 seconds Dengge once again cast a vote in the third, the gap between the two sides narrowed sharply. Paul hit two free throws, the Rockets actually go-ahead. Before the end of the first section Brewer and Green each hit one-third, the Rockets leading 26-26.


Brewer and Felton hit consecutive three-pointers, but Samuel Barmott and small Gordon flew to respond. With the deepening of the game, the rocket is clearly superior in internal forces, Tucker offensive rebounds layup, the Rockets have been leading 40-32. Westbrook surprise picks succeeded, Trevor Ariza shot again, Tucker layup, but the Rockets double-digit advantage. 3 minutes 05 seconds before halftime, Ariza arc top vote in the third, the Rockets to 50-36 lead 14 points. Thunder last-minute counterattack launched, Anthony hit again and again, with Harden breakthrough layup, the Rockets will freeze the score at 54-45.

Rex and Thunder to find a counterattack space, Anthony and Westbrook succeeded, Hessis Si again in the third, 59-61. The home team will comeback? Paul third hit, Harden layup, the bulb together with the actual action to tell the Thunder, the brothers think more. Blink of an eye, when Harden and Capella to complete the connection, Paul again in the third, the score back into 74-63, forcing Donovan request for a suspension. Adams hit two free throws and finally stop bleeding after a moratorium, Neijiu immediately jump shot succeeded, small Gordon then in the third, the gap between the two sides further widened to 15 points. Thunder to counterattack, but unfortunately with little success, Green hit third, the Rockets with a 87-74 score into the distal. Nene within the layup, Paul personally in the knife and then one-third, the Rockets to 92-75 lead 17 points. For the Thunder, although they also respond on the offensive end, but unfortunately only a drop in the bucket. Barmott made two free throws, Wesbrook emergency stop succeeded, Gordon hit a third after Gordon, Adams and George scored 5 points, Gordon made two free throws to stop the blood. Thunder finally came up with chopped Capea tactics, and received some results. Only because of the previous dig too much reason, eventually still unable to comeback.