Dear basketball "won best animated short film award


The 90th Oscars Awards ceremony was held ceremoniously, Bryant took his wife Vanessa appeared. Bryant's retired movie "Dear Basketball" won the best animated short film award.
"As a basketball player, we should have shut up, dribbling, and I'm happy that we can do more than that," Bryant said.

At the end of 2015-16, Bryant officially retired, but before that, he created a touching poem, called "Dear Basketball." In this poem we see Bryant's unusual writing skills.

Speaking of his writing skills, Bryant had such an interpretation. "I always enjoy the process of writing, I have a good teacher, he taught me how to tell a good story, how to write an article.When I came to this union, I have maintained the habit of writing, And practice again and again.I found some fun in writing and thought about the distribution of each chapter, thinking about what should happen next.
December 5, 2017, Kobe Bryant personally produced and dubbed this animated short film was officially nominated for this Oscar's "best animated short film award", was also included in the nomination to participate in this award competition also "negative Space "," rebel nursery rhymes "," Garden Party "and" lost property "four works eventually culminated in Kobe's" Dear Basketball "win, won the Oscars.

"People are always saying that being a basketball player, people's expectations of you are your performance," Bryant said in an interview. "That's all you know, all you have to do. Do not think about handling financial issues , Do not think about getting involved in the business world, do not think about becoming a writer - it's funny, I've heard a lot of that, what do you want to do after retiring ? I want to be a storyteller, Got it, 'Well, he can really be successful on anything other than basketball.'